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About us

A-Klass Connexions provide Phone Charging at festivals, Lockers, Storage and Cloakroom facilities for all events. We constantly work throughout the year even when the festivals are closed to ensure we are where you are when the fun begins.

We’re always on our phones taking pics, snap chats, videos and cheeky selfies, or trying to call a friend when they get lost in the crowd or even keeping safe getting home, whatever the reason! We need them to be charged all the time and work when we need them - That’s where we come in!! and . . . sometimes we want our coats, jackets and bags at the end, but don’t fancy carrying them around all day.
- Just leave it with us.

Our unit is securely manned so you can rest assured your valuables are safe and secure. So if you're dancing in the dance tent or taking a nap in your teepee tent - we have it covered! We can usually be found in the main arena or in the camp-site making it even easier for you to find us.

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Who we are

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We at A-Klass Connexions value our customers and aim to deliver A-Klass care, taking every step to ensure your valuables and belongings are safe and secure. We are a fun, young and vibrant team who always enjoy the festival atmosphere - there is never a dull moment in our unit.

As well as charging there is always a need for better security for our personal possessions, keeping them safe at all times. So we brought an affordable, won't hurt the pocket service to you.

The A-Team


the A-team

What we do...

...we do well

Get in touch with us for all your charging and storage needs at festivals and events around the UK.


  • Phone / Device Charging
  • Portable Power Banks


  • Large & Small Lockers
  • Cloakroom & Cases

How we do it

Item Drop Off

  1. Come Along
  2. Drop off your items
  3. Collect your wristband
  4. Pay & go

Item Pick Up

  1. Show your wristband
  2. Collect your items
  3. Wave & go