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What we do

We can charge up to 900 devices at once on board, so we have most chargers for most phones (however vintage they may be), camera chargers and ecigs, but feel free to bring your own just in case.

Our cloakroom caters for 350+, while our lockers and storage area is always available and manned by our crew 24/7.

We recognised the need for more charging points at festivals due to technology enabling us to do so much more (access apps, download info and frequent use of social media).

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What we do...

...we do well

Get in touch with us for all your charging and storage needs at festivals and events around the UK.


Phone / Device Charging

  • 1hr charge time
  • 1.5 - 2hrs charge time
  • Unlimited Charge Daily Pass (per handset)
  • Unlimited Charge Weekend Pass (per handset)

Power Banks

Purchase an A-Klass Connexions portable power bank. This handy sleek gadget will keep you charged on the go and will give you 2/3 full charges every time.

It even comes with a snazzy torch and S.O.S beam so you don’t get lost in the night.

Simply drop it off to be recharged or exchange it for a fully charged one if it runs out. You can choose your colour too!

Storage / Lockers

We provide various lockers for you to use:

Small Lockers

Approx size: 30 x 33 x 40cm
These can usually store 1 small rucksack + 2 jackets or coats.

Large Lockers

Approx size: 60 x 33 x 40cm
These can usually store 1 large rucksack + 3/4 jackets or coats.

Larger Bags/Holdalls/Cases

Don’t worry! If you're checking out of your hotel, your cases can be stowed in our storage area.

Cloak Room

All coats and jackets stored in our cloakroom area are assigned to your wristband number.

* 1 Item per hanger

How it Works

Item Drop Off

  1. Come Along
  2. Drop off your items
  3. Collect your wristband
  4. Pay & go

Item Pick Up

  1. Show your wristband
  2. Collect your items
  3. Wave & go